Andrew Marchand at The New York Post:

Brian Boucher will join TNT’s top line as its “between the benches” analyst and will be part of its future Stanley Cup coverage, The Post has learned.

In the process, Boucher will leave ESPN to reunite with his former NBC teammates, top play-by-player Kenny Albert and game analyst Eddie Olczyk.

TNT’s “between the boards” position opened up when Keith Jones became the president of hockey operations for the Flyers.


Good stuff here. He does a nice job on television. He’s essentially replacing Jonesy here, or at least filling the vacant position. Two former Flyers with great nicknames. Boosh and Jonesy.

Keep in mind, the Flyers/NBCSP have to replace Jonesy in the broadcast booth as well. Could Boooooooosh pull double duty here and emulate what Jonesy did? They’d basically have to figure out how many games he could do based on the TNT broadcast schedule. Might make sense, might not. You would have to have a #2 guy in case you went with someone like Boosh, who has national duties that take precedence. If they can’t get Boosh, I think the Flyers should turn to Russ Joy.