You can’t script this shit. Bryce Harper wanted to do it at home and he does it on the last game of the homestand to give the Phillies the lead:

Calling it now. This team is winning the World Series. There is just to much magic around them right now. It feels like 2008 and they’re led by a dude who might’ve sold his soul to the devil before the season. He didn’t even get all of it and still shoots it over the fence in right-center. There is just nothing that makes sense with this team. The home runs, the comebacks, Taijuan Walker has 14 wins, the overalls, and the coach who was going to retire last year. Philadelphia has fallen head over heels with this baseball team and it’s all led by Bryce Harper!

Kiss that jersey you pandering son of a bitch! Kiss it!

P.S. Kimbrel just blew a save. Lets go get #301!