The San Francisco radio dweebs who complained about their trip to Lincoln Financial Field had Howard Eskin on their show Wednesday morning. 95.7 the Game is also owned by Audacy, so the thought is that you put together a segment with three jabronies and call it “synergy” –


My God that was cringe. Bonta Hill reminds me of Orlando Scandrick on Undisputed, only more phony and with half the talent. And Joe Shasky* once again with the matching San Francisco jersey and hat. No middle aged white man should wear what he wears. He looks like a divorced dad on his way to In-N-Out Burger to stab another 49ers fan.

Here’s the exchange:

Eskin: “Crossing Broad is useless. It’s a useless blog, website, whatever they are. They always rip me because they know it’s all about clicks, clickbait.”

Hill: “They are useless. I can tell. Yeah they are useless.”

Eskin: “If that’s your gauge, you guys are way off base. You can’t use them as a gauge.”

For the sake of clarity here, we don’t rip Howard Eskin because we need clicks. Site traffic is great. We rip Howard because he’s a fraud and always has been. He’s a loudmouth who built his career on calling other people morons, dopes, and nitwits. A grandstander who “works harder than anyone else” and “goes to all the games” but leaves before halftime unless he’s walking the Eagles sideline in a fur coat. Howard has more sources than Woodward and Bernstein but hasn’t broken a story since Obama’s first term.

You get the gist. Howard is kind of like Angelo Cataldi, a relic of a bygone era. When he finally retires, it’s a net positive for the Philly sports ecosystem.

*I did love Shasky’s cameo in that Offspring music video: