Padres announcement:

So that’ll do it. Cole was the last active member of the 2008 Phillies, so they have all retired now.

What we need next is a one-day contract with the Phillies so Cole can retire properly, something more than a throwaway transactional tweet from the San Diego Padres’ account.

I need Anthony or Bob to do a longer, more appropriate dive on Cole’s career, but that 2008 postseason performance was incredible. 13 innings, only four earned runs, eight strikeouts, and three walks. A 2.77 ERA. He won MVP in that series and brought Philly its first title in any sport in decades. It’s a bummer the 2009 season turned out the way it did, but no one can ever take 2008 away from Hamels. He was amazing.

Great career for a Phils legend who tried to play as long as possible. Four All Star appearances, a World Series MVP and ring, NLCS MVP, threw a no-hitter, logged more than 2,500 career strikeouts and threw 2,800 regular season + playoff innings. Fantastic guy as well, just a consummate pro and charitable dude who always represented the organization positively.

Let’s get that ceremonial one-day contract whipped up and ready to sign.