We don’t expect much from Colin Cowturd, but this list is appalling, even by his standards:


Wait.. is that… hang on let’s take a closer look…

Is that Derek Carr and Chris Olave? They haven’t even played a game together! Same with Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley, who are ranked SECOND on this list. SECOND!

Good God almighty. A.J. Brown had almost 1,500 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns last year. Half of Jalen’s TDs were thrown to him. The Hurts/Brown slant was unstoppable and those 50/50 deep balls were nastier than the Nasty Boys from WWF back in the day.

Cowherd is so dumb. What’s he gonna do next, tell us that a deceased quarterback can’t win the Super Bowl?

(Don’t you dare say “you’re just giving Cowherd attention.” There’s nothing to click on. There’s no link to The Herd Twitter account or YouTube page. Don’t do that. Don’t you dare. Please see the Crossing Broad FAQ on that topic.)