Remember the pervy Spanish soccer president who grabbed his crotch and mouth kissed a player after the World Cup win?

He was reportedly set to resign on Friday, but when giving a speech to a bunch of Spanish soccer people, he instead refused to step down:

“I will not resign,” is what homeboy is saying. No voy a dimitir. Apparently he called the mouth kiss “mutual consent” and complained about fake feminism while claiming character assassination.

Some of the men playing for the Spanish national team came out and denounced this, calling the whole thing a disgrace. One guy, Borja Iglesias, said he’s not going to play for the team as long as Rubiales remains in charge, so that’s probably the most effective path to get him out of there.

An American parallel for this situation would be the women going to the Olympics and winning the gold, then at the podium Jerry Colangelo or some other figurehead grabs Sabrina Ionescu and kisses her right on the mouth, resulting in LeBron and some other players boycotting the men’s team. That’s kind of what’s going on here.

The incident if you didn’t see it: