According to EJ Smith at the Inky DeVonta Smith missed practice today to attend his former Alabama teammate’s sentencing for charges from a deadly crash back in 2021:

Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith was excused from practice Wednesday so he could be in attendance for Henry Ruggs’ sentencing hearing in Las Vegas.

Ruggs, a former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver who grew close with Smith during their time as teammates at Alabama, was sentenced to at least three years in prison for killing a woman in a crash in November 2021.

Here’s Ruggs’ statement to Tintor’s family and his sentencing:

When news of DeVonta missing practice first broke I think a lot of us assumed he was by his girlfriend’s side to welcome the couple’s firstborn they announced in June. Unfortunately not. Just a shitty situation all around. Someone lost their life and no matter the number of years or millions of dollars he loses it’s never going to bring Tina Tintor back and leaves her family wondering why forever. He was handed down a 3-10 year sentence that could see him out of jail by 27 and a shot still at the NFL and restart on life. That’s gotta be even more salt in the wound for the family. Get a fucking Uber people.

RIP Tina Tintor.