What a scene at Coors Field Monday night. Denver security makes the Capitol look like Fort Knox. Braves fans probably still haven’t caught their breath watching the MVP’s surgically-repaired knee topple over some security guard:


How about this guy that needed like five security guards to get him out of there:

Whatever strain he was on was not indica. That’s fucking Jason Bourne.

If you ask me what I see here, it’s not that there are holes in the Coors Field security. It’s that there is a culture problem in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse. Remember when two White Sox fans jumped the Royals first base coach 20 years ago?

The entire dugout was out there in .2 seconds. No offense to Tom Gamboa, but you’re a fucking first base coach. We’re talking about the MVP right now and not one Brave came out to lend a hand until after security struggled to get control of situation. They let a bunch of stoned security guards making minimum wage handle it. And you saw what happens when you let a bunch of stoned security guards making minimum wage handle it. You think if that was Nick Castellanos or Rojas that Kyle Schwarber or Bryson Stott wouldn’t be out there immediately? Bryce Harper would’ve came in with a flying kick that would’ve made Bruce Lee blush. You heard it here first. There’s a culture problem in the Braves organization that’s going to rear its ugly head in CBP in October. Just wait.

P.S. Ronald Acuna showing no awareness in the outfield? Where have I seen that before?