If you’ve got 20 minutes to kill today do yourself a favor and check out Michael Lorenzen’s E:60 from back in 2017. It’s a little heavy for a Thursday morning, but if you’ve ever lost a parent or dealt with a family member battling addiction it’ll make you love Lorenzen even more than you already do:

Talk about full circle. Lorenzen is now a father himself and had the opportunity to pitch a no-hitter in front of his kid:

Three hours before his dad’s birthday:

I can’t begin to imagine what that feeling is like and how someone can control their emotions long enough to do something like this. Superhuman honestly.

I always associate baseball with a father/son bond. Maybe it’s because of the scene in Field of Dreams where he asks his dad if he wants to have a catch or maybe it’s just because it’s the first sport we can remember playing with our old man. A lot of my memories as a kid with my dad are oddly centered around baseball. Whether it’s being the first base coach for travel ball, Jimmy Rollins tossing me a ball at The Vet, or that time he called Greg Luzinski a horse’s ass because he refused to sign his 1980 commemorative World Series book at one of those autograph events the Phils used to do at CBP. Memories I will have for a lifetime!

That’s why my favorite video from last night was this dad celebrating the last out with his son. Good luck keeping it together:

P.S. I will avenge my father’s death one day, Bull.