Saw this all over the timeline a few minutes ago:

The beats are saying that there was a late hit on Kenny Gainwell and that Jason Kelce responded by crushing some Indy defender. Knowing absolutely nothing about the hit, and having not seen it live, we’ll go ahead and side with Kelce here. No bias. If Kelce got pissed off, it was probably justified.

The real question is how this affects the Eagles’ joint practice record. They were 7-2 coming into this session. If Kelce absolutely clobbered some poor Colt, then we’ll chalk it up as a W for the Eagles. That’s the official word. We can check in with Eliot Shorr-Parks later, but for now the Eagles have improved to 8-2 in joint practices.

Now let’s get ready for the final preseason game.

edit – couple of updates here: