According to Isaac Avilucea and Mike D’Onofrio at AXIOS, a 31-year-old Eagles fan from WV is the source of the leaked Kelly Green jerseys:

(Brandon Winston) woke up Saturday morning after a long overnight shift as a chemical mixer and went on the Eagles app, looking for tickets to the team’s home-opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

He clicked on a “Go Green” tab, thinking he was being redirected to information about the team’s recycling initiative.

Instead, he struck gold — or rather kelly green.

Staring back at him was a photo of QB Jalen Hurts, along with other Philly players, wearing the retro threads.

Winston took screenshots of the photos and sent them to friends. He also posted the images to the private Facebook fan page, BirdGang, and splashed them across X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Seems plausible enough.

There were some rumors going around on social that the Birds leaked these on purpose to drum up support (for an item that was going to have uber-high demand already), but apparently this guy just stumbled upon the photos on the Birds’ site. Sometimes this stuff happens, like you’re prepping a page or a staging site and there’s stuff that ends up going live before it’s actually supposed to be. Good story, regardless.

The bigger story here is that Brandon is from WV and a Birds fan. That’s not common. Most of the people in the eastern panhandle are Washington fans, then northern panhandle and the I-79 corridor is full of douchebag Steelers fans. You also stumble across some Bengals and Browns fans to the south and west, near Huntington and Parkersburg. Weird state for football fandom, kind of a melting pot outside of the Pittsburgh-adjacent areas.

Go Birds.