This video is the final straw:

Can’t do it anymore. This development has completely defeated me. Too much drama, too much horse shit, too much childish behavior. The Sixers cannot have a normal offseason, ever. They cannot get past the second round of the playoffs. They have sucked the lifeblood out of me, like disappointing vampires. They are EXHAUSTING.

As such, I am hereby implementing a total ban of all non-arena Sixers stories on Crossing Broad, indefinitely. The ban will likely be lifted 1) when the Harden saga is resolved or 2) the regular season begins. We will discuss Harden developments on Crossing Broadcast, and share updates on the arena proposal and upcoming Zoom calls, but no Harden, no Embiid, no Nick Nurse, nothing on the Sixers beyond that. We don’t need the clicks. Site traffic is fine. And there are much more positive and important things to write about, like:

  • the Phillies, who are currently three games up in the Wild Card race
  • the defending NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles, who open the regular season in less than a month
  • the Flyers, who are turning a corner and beginning their rebuild under Danny Briere
  • the well-run Union organization, which hosts Lionel Messi in the Leagues Cup semifinal on Tuesday night
  • Media representing PA at the Little League World Series in Williamsport
  • various interesting sports media tidbits coming down the pike

There’s no room for the Sixers’ utter shite. Not right now. We just dealt with the Ben Simmons garbage two years ago. We are desiccated basketball husks, completely devoid of moisture. There is nothing behind these glazed-over eyes. The tank is empty and we’ve been running on fumes for God knows how long.

I’ve instructed Kyle and Russ to not write about the Sixers. Failure to comply will result in not-yet-determined punishment.

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support. This is the way.