Before tonight Media had won 14 straight. Tonight they dropped their opening game to Texas 2-1.

They ran into a buzzsaw. A buzzsaw named DJ Jablonski. They grow pitchers in Texas like Florida grows oranges. But you think we can get a sticky-stuff check on that kid, Blue? I’ve never seen a change up with that much movement. Those spin rates were shades of Gerrit Cole’s in 2021.

Austin Crowley for Media dealt as well. That kid shouldn’t hang his head. There was an unlucky moment on a drop third strike that led to a run for Texas and a single from the next batter led to the game winner.

Media still had life in the bottom of the 6th. If a replay angle from the International Space Station wasn’t beamed down to ESPN during a challenge, there would’ve been a man on second and third with one out and Texas’ ace removed due to pitch restrictions.

I’ve never seen anything clearer. I feel like you could still even argue the ball nicked his knuckle at the same time it hit the knob. I just want to know who in the replay truck is from Houston and called in a favor to NASA. Look at the replays we were getting for the first five minutes. Everything they showed was inconclusive:

Then all of a sudden ESPN pulls an angle out of their ass that allows me to count the amount of stitches on the ball? We can’t even get these kind of replay angles on Monday Night Football!  #Justice4Delco


P.S. I want to hate this kid shushing the crowd, but I can’t. The sportsmanship needs to course correct a little. If someone takes you deep I don’t want high fives from the second baseman as he’s rounding the bases. I want it to fire the team up. If you don’t want your opponent to shush you don’t lose: