Hoo boy:

Love how he pauses to correct the “can” vs. “can’t” error on the graphic, but just plows through the Dwayne Haskins thing. If you wanna give him the benefit of the doubt, you can go the brain fart route, but what’s the producer doing anyway? These graphics go through an art department, producer, and executive producer before they hit the air, so that one slipped through the cracks with two horrendous errors on it. Someone should have seen one or both of the errors, and yet they missed both. Even the directors typically run through the show and pull up the graphics beforehand to check them.

EDIT- I am watching this again and there are dudes who are listed on that graphic who don’t even play in the NFL anymore (EJ Manuel, Blake Bortles, etc). It says “drafted since 2013” at the top, so this could be some compilation of guys who didn’t pan out, BUT even then, you gotta take Haskins name off the list. Someone in production should have realized it would have been in poor taste and pulled that off the graphic before it went to air. No matter how you slice it, this looks stupid.

here’s a note from a reader that sort of sums it up:

“I think dude missed the point in the preproduction meeting….I think the idea of the segment, because the title is in quotation marks”, was all guys that were drafted since 2013 with that feeling of “can win ya a Super Bowl” when they were drafted…versus the guys that were or have become afterthoughts…otherwise, that’s a LOT of eyeballs that missed that one”

Honestly, looks like Cowherd was super confused about the list, maybe it was solely his fault and not the producer/EP.