What a night at CBP. Michael Lorenzen threw a no-hitter. Weston Wilson homered for the Phils in his Major League debut.

And the trifecta was a crowd shot of Wilson’s family that showed a guy sitting below them, wearing a “fuck you” shirt:

Fantastic. An added touch on a wonderful evening.

“Hey what should I wear to the game tonight? I know, I’m gonna wear my ‘fuck you’ shirt!”

Is that what was going through this guy’s head? “Hmm, I think it’s time to bust out the ‘fuck you’ shirt.” Makes you wonder what the other options were. What else is in this guy’s wardrobe?

He looks really mad though:

What’s this guy’s story? We need to learn more. We need to get him on the podcast.




Alright we’ve got some more information from an anonymous tipster, who says this guy is related to one of the Phillies players. Makes sense he would be in that section because the player families typically sit together. Security had him turn the shirt inside out. Apparently there was a language barrier so it’s possible he didn’t actually know what the shirt meant.

I also saw some people note the pink ribbon on the shirt, and a pink wristband as well (EDIT – tipster says this bracelet was given to him to allow him to get into this section). They thought this was some kind of cancer/breast cancer awareness thing. That is plausible, and I’ve seen the “FUCK CANCER” slogan and apparel before, but this one says FUCK YOU only, and there’s no wording that refers to cancer and nothing that appears to be cut off by the NBC cameras.


A reader has solved it. Here’s the shirt: