Haason Reddick can’t wait to line up against the Niners in Week 13:

Man, did the NFL screw up. They should’ve scheduled the 49ers and Eagles for Week 1. Screw that. It should’ve opened the season. I don’t care the Super Bowl winner always gets the first game. No one cares about Lions/Chiefs. Get two teams in there that absolutely hate each other for a rematch. No doubt in my mind it was because the NFL was too scared to give Birds fans a primetime game Week 1 to tailgate. Jetro would’ve looked like a Hiroshima as a pack of zombies in Kelly Green with Rumplemintz breath left it in its wake.

I’m can’t wait for Week 13. I want it more than either Dallas week…even if the 49ers aren’t competitive by then.

Am I nuts for thinking they’re going to have a down year? Maybe. But a ton of football writers are penciling them into the Super Bowl. Did we forget that Brock Purdy has only five starts in his career? His shoulder is hung together with dental floss, Nick Bosa hasn’t even shown up to camp, and not to mention they loss the architect of the defense, DeMeco Ryans, to the Texans. There’s a lot riding on the “QB Whisperer”. The same guy who just let go of his QB of the future for peanuts after giving up three first rounders for him. Even Jimmy G is spilling the beans. The organization is a shit show internally:

No one has gotten more of a pass than Kyle Shanahan for winning absolutely nothing. The “QB Whisperer” who develops MVPs apparently always seems to get boned by one position in big games? QB. FRAUD.

31-14 Eagles. Haason Reddick with two sacks. Jalen Hurts 23/30 256 yards and 45 more on the ground. Three TDs through the air and one on the ground. Book it.