Slay had a hilarious quote to Eagles reporters about Reed Blankenship:

“Shout out to Josh Allen because he said the ‘milk check.’ We got a guy on ours who is ‘milk check’ – that’s my boy Reed, shout out to Reed. …This is a different milk check over here. He’s good milk. He don’t spoil. He makes a lot of plays.”

He’s good milk. He doesn’t spoil. What a quote!

Slay is referring to Josh Allen having an audible for white defensive players at linebacker and in the secondary:


Josh Allen put Milk Compton in a body bag 😂 #BWTB #milk #bodybag #NFL

♬ original sound – bussinwtb

Can’t hate on that. There’s a reason white DBs and safeties in the league are on the brink of extinction. As a people we’re slow as shit. That’s just science. But not my guy Vanilla Nice. CJ WHO?

Now he’s apparently all over the place and leading camp in interceptions. So when Josh Allen comes to town throw to his side at your own risk. Ask your boy Aaron Rodgers what happened the last time he tested the Milkman:

This was like the 14th snap of his career too. The Milk Missile came out of nowhere!

I’ll be honest I saw people trying to give Reed a new nickname and I don’t think they realize he already has the best one on the Eagles. It’s Vanilla Nice and it’s too good to retire this early. I’ll concede that Milkman or The Milk Missile are both strong, but they can’t touch Vanilla Nice and Reed knows that:


What nickname do you like better for Reed Blankenship? #eagles #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #reedblankenship #eaglesfan #philadelphiaeagles #fyp #fypphilly #philly #eaglesfans #phillytiktok

♬ original sound – Kyle Pagan

We all agree anything is better than Ghost.

Slay better keep the funny up around NovaCare tomorrow in the media scrums. There is going to be a dark cloud hanging over the practice facility. The flags will be flying at half staff: