This is the last thing I want to be doing on a Saturday morning, but Howard “The King” Eskin provided us with what may be the tweet of the year:

Wait what?! Who is that woman? And why is the photo sideways? What does the picture have to do with the text?

Turns out it’s Howard’s daughter:

Ah ok. Makes perfect sense to include a sideways picture of your daughter getting ready for the Taylor Swift concert in a tweet previewing your Saturday morning sports talk radio show.

Reminder that Howard is a huge Swiftie. There’s a famous photo of Taylor wearing his Super Bowl ring and he’s been to a bunch of her gigs, though I’m not sure Taylor is “bigger than any sports we talk about.” That’s a wild take, even for The King.

But anyway, this poor woman, his daughter. She’s out here taking strays, like people thought Howard was being a horny old man when it turns out he was just struggling with his phone again (presumably). It’s another episode in the eternal conflict between Howard Eskin and technology, which is one of the greatest rivalries of our time. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Michigan vs. Ohio State. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Howard Eskin vs. his camera roll.

Will the struggle ever end?