Bryce Harper homered in a 12-7 Phillies win over the Angels on Tuesday night, then said this after the game:


“I’m listening to WIP, like I do a lot, the 2 o’ clock hour, and a guy named Chuck called in. He calls in a lot, he’s hilarious. But he was talking about our team and talking about me and I walked into the training room and was like ‘I’m gonna go deep tonight for Chuck.’ That guy had me fired up man.

Alright, this Phillies season is officially upside down, like Stranger Things. First we had a standing ovation for Trea Turner, now Bryce Harper is shouting out Chuck from Mount Airy in the media scrum. Wacky shit. What’s next, Howard Eskin publishes a tweet with no spelling errors?

Here’s the Chuck call, courtesy of Nick Pinecones:

This is a W for the 94 WIP brand and, admittedly, a big L for the Crossing Broad brand. I can’t speak for the rest of the staff, but I’ve spent the last two years asking for the return of the Tom Bigby rule, aka callers can only call once during the week and once on the weekends. Chuck is the poster child for this movement because he calls 2-3 times a day and hits up every single show on the main dayparts. He calls 8-12 times per week, if I had to guess. They turned him into a mini-celebrity over there. And now you’ve got Bryce Harper shouting him out.

I admit defeat. Chuck wins this round.

(If, however, Bryce shouts out Mad Mike or Ingy, off the Platt Bridge I go, head first)