From the International Ice Hockey Federation website (my emphasis in bold):

The International Ice Hockey Federation has reviewed the contracts entered into by Ivan Fedotov with, respectively the NHL and CSKA Hockey Club, to determine if a breach of the IIHF International Transfer Regulations has occurred.

Based on the evidence provided to the IIHF by the involved parties, the IIHF has determined that Ivan Fedotov has a valid NHL Contract with the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club for the 2023/2024 season. Accordingly, the IIHF has determined that Ivan Fedotov was in breach of a Professional Player Contract per Article II.4.1 of the IIHF International Transfer Regulations when he signed a contract with CSKA hockey club for the 2023/2024 season.

In accordance with Article II.4.1 of the IIHF International Transfer Regulations, Ivan Fedotov was given two (2) weeks to either go back to his former club (i.e Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club); or obtain a release from his former club. As neither action occurred within the given period, the IIHF has imposed the following sporting sanctions on Ivan Fedotov:

– A four (4) month suspension on playing in official national and international games during playing periods. The suspension shall take effect on 1 September 2023 (first CSKA regular season game) and conclude on 31 December 2023.

In accordance with the Article II.4.2 of the IIHF International Transfer Regulations, it shall be presumed, unless established to the contrary, that any club signing a Player who has breached his Professional Player Contract has induced that Player to commit a breach. Therefore, as CSKA Hockey Club was aware of the Player’s NHL Contract and did not establish to the IIHF that it has not induced the Player to commit a breach of his Professional Player Contract, the IIHF has imposed the following sporting sanctions on CSKA Hockey Club:

– A one (1) season ban on International Transfers taking effect on 11 August 2023 and concluding on 10 August 2024.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Fedotov had a contract with both the Flyers and CSKA Moscow. The Flyers asked the IIHF to decide which contract is currently valid, arguing that because Fedotov missed the KHL season for military service, that the one-year, entry-level NHL contract was never fulfilled and thus has not expired. This ruling makes valid the Flyers’ complaint.

But it ultimately means nothing because the punishments were given to Fedotov and CSKA. There’s nothing compelling Fedotov to come to Philadelphia, or for CSKA to release him, and the last episode featured Russia basically kidnapping the guy and forcing him into military service anyway. That’s why this whole situation is a HUGE joke, because if he tries to get on a plane to the United States, then what?

Joke situation. Really feel bad for the guy.