Let’s get it back to football.

The urinals at the Jag-wires facility now feature “InFlow hydration testing technology,” which is another way of saying that they monitor your pee:

Pretty cool, but not necessary. You can just look at the color of the piss, yeah? If it looks like Coors Light, you’re good to go. They used to put charts up on the wall showing various hues and hydration levels, like if your urine was yellow, then you need to drink some water. And if it’s completely clear, you’re probably drinking too much.

Remember these? –

If your piss is #8 or worse, get yourself to a doctor.

Cool idea, but redundant. Company probably made bank on it though. This should have been our Shark Tank idea, coming up with a fancy way to tell you something you can already figure out.

Not for nothing, but this is the best urinal story we’ve done since Jimmy Kempski and Mike Missanelli argued on Twitter about the usefulness of the bathroom attendant.