This is my favorite part about the NFL Top 100. Give the rankings their praise when my favorite player gets ranked high, absolutely demolish them and say the players don’t know shit when they leave my guy off the list. The former is me this year. Jalen Hurts is the best QB in the NFC and everyone they interviewed for this clip knows ball:

Did you hear those quotes from some of those guys? Chris Jones is playing with the best QB in the NFL and he’s praising Jalen’s quarterback performance being the best ever (it was). Even Patrick Mahomes expects to play him in a Super Bowl again. Here’s more:

“When you’re around people of his caliber, you’re not surprised when they have success.” – Jonathan Allen

“We’ve got a QB squatting 500!” – Chris Jones

The “Jalen Hurts is a running back” crowd are going to be furious with some of these!

“Jalen Hurts is a great quarterback for this league. He’s not really looking to scramble. He’s a pocket passer.” – Kenny Moore

“He’s a guy who can rip it. Not just deep balls. Not just short passes. But he is accurate.” – Kayvon Thibodeaux

That quote just ruined Giants fan’s day.

The rest of the Eagles are ranked like this:

  • 22. A.J. Brown
  • 37. Jason Kelce
  • 41. Lane Johnson
  • 48. Haason Reddick
  • 65. Darius Slay
  • 100. DeVonta Smith

Only two Eagles made the list last year (Kelce #71 & Slay #77).