The Cowboys are in midseason form. They had a defensive player arrested and then they went and traded a fourth rounder for Trey Lance, who inevitably will be ruined by Mike McCarthy and company.

Now this:


“I think had we been able to draft (Trey Lance) with next year’s (fourth round pick), the kind of talent he was in this draft, like I just told you, two years ago we were looking at the Philadelphia quarterback, (inaudible, something about names), but looking at him, had he fallen to us there, we would have drafted him. It is our plan when it can, but it very seldom happens, to have someone of a high level quality to be there at the right place with our draft pick. This one worked, so we’re excited about it.”

Okay, so the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts #53 overall in 2020. The Cowboys took Trevon Diggs at #51 overall, two picks prior. People seem to think Jerry is being an idiot here, and didn’t recall when Dallas was actually on the clock in the second round back then. I think, however, he’s suggesting that if Jalen had fallen further than he did, they would have taken him. That seems to be the context since Jerruh is discussing Trey Lance at the beginning of the quote. Diggs is already a 2x Pro Bowler, so they didn’t exactly whiff on their 2020 selection.

But yeah, the takeaway is that Jerry is talking about Jalen Hurts, but can’t remember or doesn’t remember his name, or refuses to say his name, whatever that line was. He sort of mumbled through it. Nobody knew Hurts would be this good. I don’t think the Eagles even believed he’d be this good. Every team in the draft passed on him at least once, and the Eagles found a franchise QB, only after trading Carson Wentz, firing Doug Pederson, enduring a four-win season, and then eating the largest dead cap hit in NFL history, at the time.

BTW I gotta come up with new Jerry headlines, because I’ve used most of them already: