We will get to the Phillies’ choke job momentarily.

But first, let’s investigate this:

Hoo boy! Is Herb from the Northeast a pervert?

I went back and found audio of the call (after 7 tries because the Audacy app is so bad) and the backdrop here is that Herb showed up to the live broadcast at MaGerk’s in Horsham on Tuesday and got some phone numbers. He was asked about it on the Marks and Reese show:

Now maybe there was another segment I missed, but I did not hear anything about 18 year olds.

EDIT- people are telling us it happened on the midday show, so here’s the audio Bolaris is referencing:

lol okay

They kind of laughed their way through it then moved on to the Phillies. A little bit pervy from Herb, sure, but nothing we didn’t hear on Howard Stern 30 years ago, or Angelo 15 years ago. On the Marks and Reese call, they mentioned that Herb was talking to a woman in her 30s and a woman in her 60s, which is much more “age appropriate,” as they say. They also had to hit the dump button twice before going to Mad Mike, which was an automatic closing of the laptop.

Honestly, the bigger issue here is that Herb called multiple shows in the same day. This has been a problem with Andy from Deptford and Chuck from Mount Airy and every other regular dopey caller. We do not need to hear from these jokers more than once per week. Tom Bigby had it right. One call during the week, once on the weekends. Now it’s the wild west over there and they let these guys call up whenever they want. It’s an outrage!

P.S. – I know some people will make comments about Bolaris being bamboozled by Russian hookers, but give the guy a break! We’ve all been duped by Russian hookers.