lol Mets:

Appreciate Scherzer’s smile at the end there because he knows this is hilarious. Guy pitched 250 innings over the course of two half-seasons and then was traded this year because the Mets stunk and they needed to get something back in return for a 39 year old on a one-year deal worth $43 million. Not only that, but the playoff game he started last year was a disaster, a 7-1 loss to the Padres in which Scherzer gave up seven runs on seven hits in less than five innings. That’s what’s innnnn.

This is up there with the greatest video tributes of all time. Somewhere, the folks in charge of the previous Flyers regime are nodding along in solidarity. If they were still running the show, they’d be working on the Tony DeAngelo video tribute for his October 30th return with the Carolina Hurricanes. Franchise legend, Tony DeAngelo, mind you.

FYI the Mets are 60-72 and last in the NL East.