If you listen to 94 WIP, no doubt you’ve had the distressing and unpleasant experience of hearing Mad Mike. He’s a cranky grump who whines about Joel Embiid and loves to poo poo everything under the sun, then tell everybody he was right and they were wrong. He provides absolutely nothing of substance.

He’s cut from the same cloth as A*** from Deptford and C**** from Mount Airy, one of those bozos who calls every single show every single day, and twice on Friday he dialed up WIP attempting to rip me:

wahh wahh ya big baby

Mad Mike is a thirsty bum. He calls up attempting to rip me on Giglio’s show, but they hang up on him, which is hilarious. Then he calls Marks and Reese three hours later to make the same Trea Turner point (he’s soft and he’s a loser, etc) and attempt for a second time to rip me because his first effort was swatted down.

Mike says I’ve written this story 18 times, but I will write the 19th version just for him:

Tom Bigby was right. He created the “once during the week, once on the weekends” rule because he knew that nobody wants to hear the same jabronies call up over and over again to make the same utterly banal points. On no planet should Mad Mike be allowed to call the midday show at 12:45 p.m. and the afternoon show at 2:45 p.m., blathering on with his primitive Negadelphia (and that’s being generous). Mad Mike is the absolute worst. He makes Ingy look like Voltaire.

Mad Mike can take a hike. He can go pound sand. Have a great weekend to everyone who is not Mad Mike.