What a night! Everyone have fun? I know I did. I felt like god damn Jon Snow before the Battle of the Bastards and anyone that had WIP in their Twitter bio was riding towards me:

Lets get into it!

If you’re new here, this is the original blog that sent everyone into a tailspin on Friday. I think the Trea Turner ovation stinks. To be honest, when I wrote that originally, I assumed people were going to be mad at me for calling them insecure and artificial. I had no idea it was going to turn into some mental health debate. I thought I laid it out pretty well and after seeing the ovation unfold last night, I still think it stinks and will continue to think it stinks when they trot it out again today. It’s artificial and people trying to create some moment. By the fourth at bat, people in the stadium had to be like, “This shit again?” Does the positive reinforcement hurt? Absolutely not. But this will go up on the shelf and collect dust like the Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz ovation. If he doesn’t turn it around in the next week the ovations will get quieter and the boos will get louder.

So the standing ovation happens:

Listen, what the cameras caught was cool. I’ll admit it. Specifically the dudes on the dugout rail and Castellanos waving the towel. They put some Hollywood on it. But lets zoom out a little to the second level where we don’t have 4K tight shots to tell the story:


What a moment! Most of the people sitting there half-assing some claps! Then finally getting up after they felt implored to. Feels like NBC pumped some artificial crowd noise for an artificial moment into the broadcast if you’re asking me:


Minutes later we had WIP hosts from morning to night fellating themselves and taking credit for the “moment” they were convinced they created. Jack Fritz is fine to go hog wild. He’s apparently been talking about it. The Philly Captain was the first person I saw bring it to my attention. But this fraud Joe Giglio? Take a fucking seat. In June, Joe wanted to pack Turner’s bags 60 days into a 10-year deal. Then he doubled down and traded him to San Diego for Juan Soto after the Padres just gave $200 million to a shortstop in the offseason. Did his mental health not matter then?



It’s fraudulent behavior and I fucking hate frauds. And that’s why I went nuclear. And when these guys jump in your DMs, like some did, and tell you how uncool you’re being, which is an entire sidebar about the insecurity of the sports media members in this town, it’s an even bigger farce.  That pivot from Joe is some greaseball snake oil salesman shit. And when you tell them that all they say is, “You give us too much credit.” But they know it’s the playbook. It’s the playbook Spike Eskin beat into their heads when he was there. It’s fraud fucking behavior and I can’t stand frauds. And the lasting effects it has around the city is it makes sports fans in this town continually angry and dumb. Just like their predecessor Angelo did for 30+ years.

Back to the night!

Hugh Douglas come on down!

I countered with the Turbo Bird because as everyone that follows me knows I’ve had Turner’s back before it was fucking cool:


And now I think I have an idea for my next video:

If you would’ve told 12 year old Kyle watching Hugh vs. TO’s locker room brawl play out on ESPN that one day he would potentially find himself in that same situation I’d think my WWE career was going well.

The weirdest part about the entire night was Hugh tweeting this during the ovation. This you cuh?

Those hits to the head are starting to add up I guess.

WIP producers jumped in:


Can’t argue with stupid.

The only positive I can take out of last night was Trea took the first pitch. He never takes the first pitch! Did he swing at the same exact strike out of the zone the very next pitch? Of course he did. But it’s the little things that build up to become bigger things. And I believe they will. Because as we all know I’m a Trea Turner guy at the end of the day.

P.S. I think my favorite part of the entire night was watching the Gordon Ramsay meme play out in real life:

Kinkead: the only thing I’ll say is that I don’t understand Hugh’s tweet at Pagan. Kyle was against the ovation from the beginning. there is no “gotcha” moment