Michael Lorenzen just became the 14th Phillies player in franchise history to throw a no-hitter!

Here’s the final out:

The shots of his mom and wife are amazing:

We’ll let Brandon Marsh sum up Lorenzen’s performance:

The fan videos are pouring in and they are awesome!

Two straight 8+ inning outings from Lorenzen. The Workout God:



It’s all in the Vans:


How about T-Mac going with the dead dad question immediately? Did Ruben possess him? Ease into it there big dog! As a guy with a dead dad the first thing I don’t want to talk about after a major accomplishment is my dead dad.

So much emotion in that ballpark tonight. Between Michael Lorenzen’s no-hitter, Weston Wilson’s family in the building for his first big league home run, and Liam Castellanos watching his dad hit 199 and 200. I’m going to say it…HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ROMANTIC ABOUT BASEBALL?