Nick Foles was on Take Off w/ John Clark where he told the story of one of the greatest victories of his career:

It should be required by law to challenge any Eagle you see at a bar in Philly to a chug off. These guys who got dusted by Foles and Kelce are just doing what was required. They knew they were going to get their asses whooped, but in the back of their mind thought it was all about the story. And what a story it turned out to be. It started with you chugging against the back-up QB and the undersized center that the city wanted to trade. It’s now turned into you chugging against a Super Bowl hero and beloved Hall of Fame Eagle. You can one-up almost anyone in Philadelphia with that story unless you’re at the same party as “Unlike Agholor” guy. Hell, up until now they probably lied and told everyone they were the ones who crushed them and walked away.

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No wonder the chemistry was always so good between Foles and Kelce. It all started at Xfinity Live! You think Super Bowl teams are molded in training camp? It turns out they’re shaped in a random South Philly parking lot.

Stories like these is probably why Nick Foles never wanted to leave Philly:

The legend of Nick Foles drinking is a pretty popular one around the Birds. Clay Harbor told us last year that Foles was the best chugger he’s ever witnessed: