Nick Nurse took a page out of the Nick Sirianni and Bryce Harper’s 100 Things To Do to Pander to the Fanbase book. He pulled “The Kimbrel” before the first pitch:

Doc Rivers would’ve gotten a pitch clock violation.

Nurse has the impossible task of making this Sixers team likable, but he’s off to a hot start. He drove four hours up to Williamsport to watch Media Little League and now he’s pulling this stuff off. He’s got a Manayunk-sized hill to climb, but this stuff goes a long way in our simple fan brain. If he gets on the field later and chugs a beer with the Phanatic he might be destined for pandering stardom. Mix that with getting Joel Embiid to buy back in, taking Tyrese Maxey’s game to the next level, and getting past the second round – he might become the most popular coach in this city.

You think Bryce gave him that advice in the tunnel right before he took the mound? There is no doubt he said something. Gotta work on that #25 jersey though:

Unless the Sixers are extending the olive branch to a certain someone who calls Philly a second home…