This is worth a watch:

My favorite thing about Nolan Smith is that he’s got this innocuous, every-day look with the glasses, like he was studying economics at UGA when not pile-driving SEC quarterbacks into the Earth’s crust. Almost like Steve Urkel, if Urkel didn’t mind playing in the cold as long as he could “hit a motherfucka.

Smith has been the most hyped-up Eagles draft pick of this current class. Everything that comes out makes you like this kid. He says the right things and seems to have an attitude and approach that fits Philadelphia. It’s he Brandon Graham’s successor? Yes, if God wills it.

Hopefully it’s not too much hype though, because we don’t want to jinx the kid. Gotta keep things in perspective, but these UGA guys could come out and tear it up this season. Nolan Smith, Nakobe Dean, Jalen Carter, and Jordan Davis. Get at me dawg. Arf arf, yo what the deal.