Just kidding.

You’ll most likely remember Rodolfo Castro as the guy who got suspended for having his cell phone in his pocket during a game:

The skinny on Castro is he’s a switch hitting infielder that can play multiple positions. Think Edmundo Sosa, but younger. He won’t be a free agent until 2029. He’s really good against lefties with a .900 career OPS. That’s excellent unless you believe OPS is a silly stat. He’ll also replace Josh Harrison who was DFA’d earlier today.

Bailey Falter on the other hand just couldn’t get it going earlier this year. He started the year 0-7 with a 5.13 ERA. So if Castro can give us one walk off hit this year you have to chalk it up as a win for Dave Dombrowski.

As the Phillies come down to the deadline at 6:30 it looks like they won’t be getting that righty power bat. Instead they strengthened the rotation and got a depth piece. Exciting? No. Still a team to beat in the NL after strengthening their already good pitching and depth? Absolutely.

The Phillies are 9/1 to win the pennant. Bet responsibly.

Also, maybe throw a couple sheckles on the Phillies tonight while you’re there: