Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

This happened at camp:

Well we certainly admire the confidence and the mindset, though the statement is laughable. Quez came up small in the Dallas road game and the playoffs last year, and his regular season numbers were down across the board as well. It’s true that he took a bit of a backseat as the WR3 with A.J. Brown in the fold, but he went from 647 yards on 62 targets to 354 yards on 51 targets this past season. His catch % dipped from 69.4 to 64.7.

Watkins isn’t going to be targeted like Brown, DeVonta Smith, or Dallas Goedert, but the WR3 has to contribute. Torrey Smith’s 2017 season statistically finished between Quez’s 2021 and 2022, but Torrey had 13 catches for 157 yards in the playoffs and reeled in a touchdown grab. He went for 49 yards on five Super Bowl receptions while Quez had 1 catch for 8 yards in the entirety of the 2023 postseason. The only thing Watkins did in the playoffs was jack shit.

Time’s yours.