According to Evan Massey at, the Eagles have been one of the more aggressive teams pursuing Jonathan Taylor in a trade:

“According to a source, the Eagles have been among the most aggressive trade suitors for Taylor since he was allowed to search for a trade. They have been connected to quite a few running backs this offseason, but none that would make a bigger impact than Taylor.”

Now I’ll be honest, when this first broke I thought this was some wannabe reporter throwing shit at the wall and hoping it stuck, but Massey seems legit. He’s written features for Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report, etc. so he’s worked long enough in the business to cultivate at least some sources around the league.

I’d be all in on Taylor, but I don’t see it happening. I don’t think it’s because Howie is afraid to give up the picks. I’m predicting Taylor and his agent want a long term deal in place with whomever the Colts trade with. You can look at the contracts of the current crop of running backs in the Eagles system and the reluctance to pay Miles Sanders to know the Eagles aren’t paying a running back long term. So if Taylor’s team gets desperate and he’s willing to play on a prove-it deal next offseason, I’m all for adding one of the most electric running backs in the NFL. Who do you gameplan for if you’re the Eagles opponent? Do you take away the receivers, the transcendent QB, or the three-headed monster running back that can do anything? And if you do shut them down, you have to worry about the top-5 tight end getting loose. Good luck. If you think you’re going to meet Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl again it’s going to be another shootout. Taylor is worth seven more points. Who cares about draft picks when the Super Bowl window is closing every day?

On the flip-side, you could argue how much does this really make the Eagles offense better? They’re already great. Do they go from great to very great? Is that worth giving up a first or second when you could use that draft pick to replenish your line depth on both sides next year? The Eagles have some nice assets. They’ll draft four times in the first 90 slots. This team is already a Super Bowl contender. Can D’Andre Swift, Kenny G, Rashaad Penny, and Boston Scott combine for 75% of that production? I don’t know. It’s a great debate for around the wooder cooler today.

Time’s yours.