Great news:

Maybe we try the reverse jinx here. “Oh man, what a huge loss this would be, but Derek has to do what’s best for himself! The Birds are gonna have to find a way to replace him!”

Barnett will make another team better. Better in the unsportsmanlike conduct department. If any team analytics department said, “hey you know what? we need more personal fouls,” then Barnett is the perfect addition. He’ll lose his temper, hit a guy late, or clobber someone 50 yards away from the play. He’s a dirty player and always has been.

The Eagles have Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, and Nolan Smith in the edge rusher department. We’re good. We are eternally grateful to Derek Barnett for falling on Tom Brady’s Super Bowl fumble, now it’s time to continue your NFL career elsewhere. I’m in my truck headed down to NovaCare to drive him to the airport.