We finally were able to get those two San Francisco radio guys on the record about the viral Niners fan brawl that took over the Internet. Needling them on Twitter all morning wasn’t working, so we had to turn to Kyle in San Francisco’s guerrilla journalism:


Jesus, have some respect for yourselves. Show some fight. You can’t just let Eagles fans call in and derail your show. Does anyone who works in San Francisco ever have a backup plan? The 49ers put up more fight in the NFC Championship game. They knew they were losing as soon as Shasty pulled the “waiting on hold” line. That’s a radio host’s figurative “break glass in case of emergency” Like humans haven’t morphed from cavemen and know how to multitask while on hold.

Remember, these were the guys who bitched and moaned about how they were treated in Philly after parading through Jetro in 49ers gear before the NFC Championship game:

My favorite part of that video is them walking the complete other way from the Jetro exit looking for a reaction then acting shocked when beers and curse words were hurled at them. It was a planned radio bit that was obviously going to backfire in any stadium during the playoffs, but especially in Philly:

The dust seemed to finally settle between Philly and the show until Shasty doubled down last month, calling Eagles fans “lower life scumbags more than anyone,” simply because Zach Gelb’s Deebo Samuel interview sent him into a tailspin:

They’re hypocrites, though. The entire Eagles fanbase tagged these two guys all weekend in the replies to that video. They acted like it never happened. Then to completely skirt around the most talked about moment during the game and instead debate Sam Darnold vs. Trey Lance for back-up QB the majority of the show? That’s some hypocritical lower life scumbag stuff.

Can we just fast forward to Week 13 and get this beatdown over with?

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