From NBC10 staff:

SEPTA has brought back Unibet to get fans home for free from Eagles games this season after teaming up for free subway rides home during last season’s playoff run to the Super Bowl.

Fans will still have to pay their own way to take SEPTA’s Broad Street Line subway to NRG Station in South Philadelphia for the game or tailgate. A one-way ride costs $2 with the SEPTA Key Travel Wallet and $2.50 for a single-use card.

Got it? You have to pay to take the subway down to the game, but from halftime until two hours after the final whistle, the ride back is free.

They did this for a portion of last season and the program renewal begins tonight, Thursday, with the Cleveland preseason game. And the Broad Street Line has free connections to the EL and some other routes going through Center City, so it’s a good deal. Just make sure you don’t run into a steel girder: