We’ve tried to avoid banal Eagles training camp aggregations this year, but here’s something worth sharing:

“It’s always him.” 

Would need to see video of this Landon Dickerson block to determine whether the retaliation was warranted, but here’s the thing – Dickerson gets the benefit of the doubt and Barnett doesn’t. The guy has dickhead tendencies and a dirty side to his game. We’ve seen it since the day he was drafted here. The late hit in Green Bay in 2019. The San Francisco late hit in 2021. Roughing the passer penalty in the Seahawks playoff game. Hitting some dude not even involved in the play on an interception return.

He’s an undisciplined player and always has been.

Barnett hits the cap at $3.1 million this year and then has a bunch of those Howie dummy years on the back end of his contract. Would have to eat a big dead cap hit if they cut him. Howie doesn’t get much wrong these days, but bringing back Barnett feels like a whiff. Guy needs to have a big year and keep his temper in check after missing 99% of last year via injury.