Do you guys ever go to the Eagles site or their YouTube channel and watch the team-produced stuff? It’s really good. Kind of an underrated story, if we’re being honest. The Fran Duffy Xs and Os breakdowns are solid, as is the postgame show with Ike Reese, and recently they’ve been using their resources to show stuff that the independent media doesn’t have access to, like this:

They’ve been doing stuff like this all during the preseason. You probably saw the clip of Jalen Hurts swinging the golf club, right? That’s an in-house media production that shows some team building/friendly competition stuff that the beats don’t have access to.

The problem with being team media is that you do have to keep the muzzle on, so to speak. Like Dave Spadaro, for instance, isn’t gonna come out and say “Jonathan Gannon sucks ass, let me tell you why.” He can be critical at times, but it’s not going to be 94 WIP. You have to be a little bit more creative from a content standpoint and leverage the resources you have. They’re doing a good job with that. For real. Their in-house stuff is worth watching.

(We talked to Spadaro about this on CBC last season) –