What a run from The Dirtballs. The greatest Delco baseball team of all time:

They captured the hearts of everyone in the area. Even their heroes. The fact these kids didn’t trip over their own feet knowing their favorite baseball players were 20 feet away watching in the stands makes them winners alone:

I mean we peaked as a city when Media tied it up and the camera panned to Trea Turner, Bryce Harper, and Kyle Schwarber doing the big balls celly in the stands:

What a moment. What a special team. The vibes had never been higher.

I wish we still had more to watch. Unfortunately, Rhode Island is a bunch of scumbag cheaters. In the top of the 6th the screws came loose after the phantom hit by pitch led to five runs:


Protest! I thought sportsmanship was a core principle of Little League? Get him a freaking Oscar! This is worse than Danny Almonte mowing down 6th graders while he was driving to games. Typical cheating ass New Englanders. There’s gotta be something in the water up there.