It looks like the Sixers are changing their Royal Blue Icon Edition jersey that’s up on Fanatics right now. We’re going 3-dimensional:

The Sixers new jerseys vs last year:

2k also featured the new look in their trailer last month so they have to be real:

The funny thing is when you go to that link above and select the white home jerseys, the thumbnail reverts back to last year’s jersey with less backdrop. So either the site guys at Fanatics messed up the release or the team is just updating one a year. Here’s the same modifications to the red jerseys last year:

This reminds me of when I discovered WordArt in 4th grade and I could use it to spice up my PowerPoint presentations. All of a sudden photosynthesis got a lot more interesting when I had this artillery at my disposal:

Add in the “Fly Out” transition and now we’re cooking with gas. A+’s for days.