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Is Crossing Broad the greatest job in the world? Who else can tell their boss “fuck you” to their face more than I’ve done to Kinker? No one. Oh, no James Harden blogs until he’s traded?

Next up: James Harden unfollowed Daryl Morey on Twitter:

If you ask me, this should be another $100,000 fine. It’s an obvious public trade demand in defiance of the new CBA. Growing up, how did we know the chick you were in love with was single? You’d check her AIM profile every single day waiting for her boyfriend’s initials to disappear. Then you’d hop over to MySpace and see that she changed her song to Leave (Get Out) by Jojo and there was no sign of him in her Top 8. At this point you knew it was game time. Now for the next five hours every time you heard that door opening sound effect trickle through your computer speakers your heart skipped a beat.

I don’t see any difference between that and what Harden’s doing. Unfollowing someone who he’s been linked to for 10 years is basically the same thing as breaking up with your ex. He’s letting other teams know he’s ready for new partner to come in and sweep him off his feet. There’s nothing more public than this. We’re taking back that wine money realllllll quick: