Let’s thank Chris Franklin at NJ.com for providing the most interesting Eagles practice video of the last two weeks:

This is what you like to see. Let’s move on from media creations like the nonexistent A.J. Brown vs. DeVonta Smith thing and instead focus on the mending of fences. Does it look like Matt Patricia and Darius Slay still hate each other? Doesn’t seem so!

Now, some people think this looks “forced,” but I dunno. I see Slay and Patricia kind of reach out at the same time. It does not look reactionary on Slay’s part. That is a respectable handshake and suitable eye contact. A brief exchange of words, then Patricia walks on. You have to start somewhere, right? You don’t even necessarily have to like each other, you just need to have a functional relationship, and if you’re focused on the common goal, which is pummeling Mac Jones into submission, then bygones can be bygones.

This is the genesis of most dispute resolutions anyway. Real men will shake hands and look each other in the eye. Let’s hash this shit out. Let’s bury the hatchet. Let’s focus on the Patriots in Week 1. Let’s get locked the fuck in.