UPDATE: A source close to the situation tells Crossing Broad there was not a sinkhole in centerfield, but a hole was created due to a burst pipe underground that has since been filled.

The source says this is unrelated to the cancellation and that Bruce Springsteen was never at sound check because of his illness that resulted in the cancellation of both shows.

Here’s the big ‘ol hole:


What a great ad for Hatfield Meats! Which reminds me we need another Dollar Dog Night on the schedule Phillies:



Bruce Springsteen’s account tweeted out the boss was sick Wednesday and has to postpone his two nights at Citizens Bank Park:

Damn. You’d think with everyman Bruce Springsteen selling $5,000 tickets he’d be able to afford better healthcare, but unfortunately this is like the fifth show he’s canceled since March. That’s real Americana, baby!

Here’s the thing though – I think there might be something afoot! Here’s video of Bruce performing sound check 15 minutes before his announcement, sounding great:


It turns out there might be bigger issues and it doesn’t involve The Boss’ health at all. This guy is hearing there might be a sinkhole in centerfield:

Some people are saying that video above is too early for sound check and that the production team is blasting a pre-recorded Bruce song. Still, it’s pretty coincidental that they’d cancel right after sound check whether he’s under the weather or because they discovered the Earth’s crust caving in.

I mean look at the size of this massive stage in center via CBS3 Philadelphia:

Everyone knows large structures can cause sinkholes. Clean it up Bruce. If Johan Rojas goes on the IL because he was swallowed by the Earth then The Boss will have blood on his hands.

This story is developing. If you’ve got any anonymous tips send them over.