The Union took out Red Bull on Wednesday night in penalty kicks to advance to the quarterfinals of the Leagues Cup, which is a new side competition featuring American, Canadian, and Mexican teams.

They’re one of the final eight teams remaining, and will play Liga MX side Queretaro on Friday night in Chester. It’s the same Queretaro team they hammered 5-1 in the group stage. At the risk of jinxing it, should the Union win Friday, and Inter Miami defeat Charlotte at home on the same night, it will set up a semifinal against Lionel Messi in Chester:

Hilarious. It would be incredible if Lionel Messi heads to Chester on a Tuesday night to play in the semifinal of some tournament MLS and Liga MX created out of nothing. It would be the most Union thing ever, even more Union than losing MLS Cup on penalty kicks after Gareth Bale subs into the game and scores for the other team, then a La Salle product and Union alum steps in for LAFC in the penalty shootout because the starting goalkeeper broke his leg earlier in the game.

Can’t make this shit up.

Messi has been lights out for Miami since coming over from PSG this summer. He’s got seven goals in four games and has bagged two free kick goals, one to win a game and the other to tie a game in the dying moments. Miami added a couple of other former Barcelona guys, while the Union continue to overachieve with a bunch of moneyball signings that Ernst Tanner plucked out of Europe and South America.

Again, let’s hope we have not jinxed the shit out of it. We need the Union and Miami to handle business at home and set up Philly vs. Messi in Chester. We cannot be denied this opportunity. We want Messi. We want the Leagues Cup. Vamos.