The Trea Turner standing ovation took place on August 4th. My first knowledge of the concept came from Pagan writing a somewhat-maligned column titled “The Trea Turner Standing Ovation Bit Stinks.”

In the post, he references two tweets, one from Philly Captain time stamped 10:21 p.m. on August 3rd:

And another from Jack Fritz at 8:52 a.m. on August 4th:

However, upon further investigation, there is a Fritz tweet talking about the standing O that goes back to 12:03 p.m. August 3rd, the afternoon following the hideous fielding error in a 9-8 loss to the Marlins:

The only reason I bring this shit up again is because Anthony Gargano was doing his show Tuesday afternoon and seemed to suggest he and Andrew Salciunas broached the subject first. Take a look at this clip:

In order to corroborate, we’d have to go back and listen to a lot of the 97.5 midday show from earlier in the summer. Cuz does not mention a standing ovation specifically, and uses the phrase “love on him,” so we’d have to go to the Philly Sports Politburo for officially ruling on that. Maybe Cuz was first, or Jamie was first, or some random Twitter account back in June, but for our purposes, it looks like Fritz was the first person to talk specifically about a standing ovation, so we’ll give him the nod here.

Case closed! For now..