Eagles players are speaking to the media on Monday morning.

Haason Reddick noted that his thumb surgery recovery is going well.

“Progressing really well,” the defensive end said. “I had messed up the hand during (that particular) practice, but it wasn’t bad, which is why I was able to finish practice. Just went to go get it looked at because of the swelling that was around it. That’s when we figured ‘hey, better to go get surgery now and make it stable for the season, just protect it.’ (There was) enough time to get it done, that way I could get back for week one. So the progression has (gone) really well.”

Reddick said straight up that he expects to play Week 1 in New England. He confirmed that he’ll have to wear some kind of protection on the hand but explained that he’s working with staff on various options “to see what works best.”

He also confirmed that the thumb was never broken, just damage to the ligament.

“We’re gonna see (how wearing something affects the thumb),” he added. “Should be able to take some live reps soon over the next couple of days, so we’ll see… I feel good, I feel like I’m in shape physically, I’ve been running around since I came back from the surgery. It’s just going to be about adapting now. It’s not that big of an issue to me. It’s a thumb. Wrap it up, get back out there and go play ball.”

Reddick, who logged a career-high 16 sacks last year, was wearing a small bandage over the thumb during his media conversation. He explained that several of his teammates have had the same injury and he learned from their experiences.

“Before I had the injury, I didn’t know it was this common,” said Reddick. “I talked to Landon (Dickerson). Landon had it before. I talked to him about the things he did so he can play.  I think A.J. (Brown) said he had back in college as well, so I talked to him about it as well about some of the things he did… I’m still hopeful and still excited, I heard a bunch of good things. Hoping that it’s not that big of a deal, but whatever happens, I’ve been adjusting my whole career. I’ll adjust to this and adapt to this and I’ll find a way.”

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