Saw this clip floating around. It’s from Monday’s media availability:

Doesn’t seem to be much context to add. Reuben Frank asked him that following another question about DeVonta Smith.

Safe to say, however, that fans didn’t appreciate it, judging from some of the replies:

  • “Media members trying to spin it and put it on the fans is nasty work”
  • “This is exactly why I can’t stand Philly media. Do not put that shit on the fans”
  • “The media does not speak for the fans and I wish they would stop talking to players as if they are our mouth piece”
  • “This is very divisive stuff to be honest it puts a seed in the players head that later comes out”
  • “Philly media stay on some goofy shit”
  • “Philly media is trash. Why they starting bullshit for no reason?”

Slay decided to throw a QT out there:

Gotta say, I’ve not heard anything about Team A.J. Brown vs. Team DeVonta Smith. Seems like Eagles fans are incredibly happy to have two WR1s on the team, two guys who went for 1,000 yards last season. It wasn’t long ago that the Birds couldn’t get a single receiver to the 1,000 yard plateau, now there’s two on the squad. We’re spoiled. Spoiled and thankful and certainly not picking between the two of them.

The only chatter I’ve sensed out there is stuff kind of rhetorically asking if Smitty can be even better than he was last year. Can he reach A.J. Brown’s level? Maybe, maybe not, but those questions had a pro-Smith slant and weren’t some combative, anti-Brown type of thing. Pro-Smitty does not mean anti-A.J. Brown, right? That’s kind of the gist. There were, indeed, some innocuous questions about training camp competition, but nothing seemed to be overtly divisive or out of line.

You see the responses to the question, though. Fans and players have a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to these kinds of things in 2023. If they think the media is “on some goofy shit,” as that one response says, then they’ll call it out. Funny thing is that Reuben Frank isn’t some hot take artist though, like I’m 99.9% sure he’s not attempting some sinister shit here with deeper motives. Sometimes questions are thrown out there that don’t need to be asked.