Sad story out of Foxborough. A Patriots fan died following a physical altercation with a Dolphins fan:

More from NBC Boston:

“It was really one punch that I saw and the victim got punched really hard on the side of the head, and went down. He’s a bigger guy but he just crumbled,” one witness said.

Cell phone video shared by one person showed security rushing down to break up the fight, and paramedics attending to the injured man.

“First responders got there and they instantly start doing compressions, they had to lay him out in the aisle between the seats. They were doing compressions by my estimation for easily 10 minutes,” the witness added. “It was pretty heartbreaking and the game was still going on so the general public clearly knew what was going on in our section so the game was going on, people are cheering for the Patriots comeback, and this poor guy has passed away before our eyes. It was pretty brutal to watch.”

Why the fuck do people fight at football games? What is there to fight about? For what? Because someone is wearing a different color jersey? Makes no sense.