Not gonna lie, my energy levels are pretty low today. Just trying to get to Sunday afternoon so we can watch some meaningful Eagles football again.

But we’ll start it off with this from Asante Samuel, which made me laugh:

Whoah whoah, let’s keep people’s moms out of this. Mothers are off limits. Mothers and children. No bueno.

Says Lombardi in the clip:

“Let’s talk about Asante Samuel for a second, the moron, the guy who comes on and says that if it wasn’t for Brady, the Patriots wouldn’t win. This is how much research he did with that commentary. The first Super Bowl, the Patriots threw for 134 yards and ran for 133. Nobody remembers that, they just remember Brady won. But the game was won because of how they played defense. The game was won because of how they executed all three phases of the game, how timely their offense was. And the last Super Bowl they won, 13-3, Julian Edelman’s the MVP of the game. It takes Josh McDaniels till the end of the game to get into 22 personnel to spread ’em out because Wade (Phillips) had a handle on ’em. Thankfully the defense hung in there and played a six-man front that basically took away everything Sean McVay wanted to do.”

Alright, those are good points from “some clown named Mike Lombardi,” as Jason Kelce once said. The whole Belichick/Brady thing is exhausting. You’re talking about the greatest coach/QB combination ever, and Belichick’s defenses were typically very stout. Except for Super Bowl 52 when they got sliced and diced by Big Dick Nick.

In terms of Sunday’s season opener, this Asante/Lombardi thing kind of foreshadows the game storyline. We’d be naive to think the Birds are going to get into a shootout with Mac Jones, but Belichick will scheme up something to slow down the Birds offense. If the Pats are gonna win as a +4 home dog, it’s gonna be on the strength of their defense and clock control and auxiliary successes (special teams, field flipping, etc). Consensus seems to suggest this will be a first half slog before the Eagles pick it up and pull away.

Also, apropos, I like to get this gif into every Asante story. Here he is with a fantastic arm tackle in a game from back in the day:

editor’s note: you are not supposed to be seeing that advertisement twice. please bear with us as we finish some back end tweaks ahead of football season